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27 April 2011



as time passed by.
You just be you,
with your arrogant and selfish.
You just never see me through.


I just dont want to fold all your clothes when you are not with us.
Just dont want to have my seat cover with another ass in car.
I just dont want to prepare your working uniform when i know you are not here with us.
Dont want to prepare any dishes if you are not with me.
I just dont want to see you back with your dull face.
I just came in you and i see that you just never want me,

i just wish i just have myself rather than having you but you having someone else.
i just want to cry out of loud,
thinking how many times you pampered her,
thinking how soft and polite you with her,
thinking of you sleeping and smiling to her,
thinking of how you abandoned me.
Thinking, and thinking..
I just want to have you when i need you.
Thinking, thinking, thinking more forward..
I just want to put myself behind, i want to be step banckward from your life when thinking you love somebody more than me. More than us. Just step ahead from me so that i cant see you and your shadow anymore.


  1. Ask Allah by praying to Him when you are in that situation.He knows more than us.He knows what are good or bad for you.

  2. emmm..sabar beb..DIA lebih mengetahui


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