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11 August 2011

Why home is always a "sick place"?

Why home is always a sick place for us even how badly you were threaten by ayah bamboo (rotan) and how we used to  be scared of mak pinch when we so lazy to read Quran and Muqaddam.

Thats what always used to be happen to me few years back then when mum struggling forced me to go to boarding school. *sigh. 

But, despite of father fierceness and mum nagged, i always return to my path.Which is home. Where i have other half of 10 family members including mum and father. 

That is why after few years back, time passed by. And when through so many hardness and saddened of many things that keep forcing me myself to remind of something that ease my feeling and i was thinking, oh..home.

Home is never be the bored place after all. After seeing so many things happened at our home, still we keep back to our home. Look at the house itself, we saw many memories. And how we used to play congkak using the "buah getah" cast ashore and dumped off by the wave.

Whatever it is, home is the best and heaven place after being stressed out of many things. Below is why me myself badly wanted to be at home at our village;
gmbr pinjam :)

  1. the beautiful beaches and sunrise :) oh this is so badly cried for this
  2. mum traditional dishes. im craving for mum home made akok, cencaru sumbat, acar masak timun,
  3. night market when everything selling so fast!
  4. keropok lekor.
  5. tarawikh at madrasah and having moreh and habiskan boreh.
  6. rojak buah slurp.
  7. missed father's return home at the evening and bringing tembikai and kuih which is a lot!
  8. and looking at bright star at night, i missed this.

oh god, home is never be the bored place for me.

Take me home. T_T

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