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01 February 2011

Can I Have That???

Selalu kedengaran kata-kata ni bila buka tv. Bila ada iklan YES tulah. YES ke?? Ni plak list "can i have that?" versi Wan ;

  1. Resign by February??
  2. Apam pelangi homemade??Eh thanks to K.Su for made special entry special for me. so deeply touch!
  3. Balik kg or blk Perak? can i have both? (so late to make a decision..everyone flying home like crazy for this CNY)
  4. Handbag made by GUCCI ? or GUESS?? or anyone buying me????
  5. Can sawi changed to HONDA TYPE-R?
  6. Notebook changed to Laptop?-p/s:tak syukur lagi tuh???
  7. Can i have Bio Aura serviceman at my place when i need them most?
  8. Can i have super duper camera  made my CANON? for satisfying my need? huh! really hah..
  9. err..cukuplah tuh...

Can I Have That??

Lagi banyak "can i have that" lagi banyak orang nak kutuk aku. Namun itulah yang aku nak sekarang ni weeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

one more time, Can I Have That???? hehhehe......


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